zondag 20 mei 2007

Blame It On Mom

CNN has a delightful video up. It's in the Health section, called Blame it on Mom?, with the lovely subtitle, "Are working moms to blame for obese children?" Well, gee, let me think about that for a while, hmm? Since we can blame mothers for delinquent kids, for drug-addicted kids, for promiscuous kids... why not add obesity to the mix?

I especially like Lew Fuller's commentary: "You don't have the traditional approach of the woman being at home, cooking dinner, taking care of the kids, getting the kids outside, getting the kids exercise." What a pity, indeed.

Thank God the video ends with a few words from someone with a little sense, emphasizing that there's more to obesity than just one causal factor. But apparently no-one thought it worth mentioning that maybe Dad is also capable of cooking dinner and taking care of the kids. Because everybody knows that's a woman's job, I suppose.

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